Which are the top 10 companies that have pivoted their business model successfully this year?

Which are the top 10 companies that have pivoted their business model successfully this year?

Here are 10 companies that have successfully pivoted their business models in 2021:

1. Airbnb: With travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Airbnb shifted its focus from short-term rentals to long-term stays and online experiences.
2. Peloton: Known for its high-end fitness equipment, Peloton adapted to the closure of gyms by expanding its digital fitness classes and offering its app for free temporarily.
3. Zoom: The video conferencing platform became one of the biggest winners during the pandemic as remote work and virtual meetings surged in popularity.
4. Shopify: Originally an e-commerce platform, Shopify expanded its services to include in-person transactions, giving small businesses the ability to sell products directly to customers.
5. DoorDash: While primarily a food delivery service, DoorDash diversified its offerings by partnering with retailers and launching DashMart, a convenience store service.
6. Moderna: The biotechnology company capitalized on its mRNA vaccine research and development capabilities to successfully create and distribute COVID-19 vaccines.
7. Netflix: As movie theaters shut down, Netflix adapted by significantly increasing its original content production and attracting more subscribers globally.
8. Etsy: The online marketplace for handmade and vintage goods gained significant traction during the pandemic as more people turned to crafting and DIY projects.
9. Microsoft: In response to the remote work trend, Microsoft pivoted its focus towards cloud-based services such as Microsoft Teams, Azure, and other collaboration tools.
10. Tesla: While already known for electric vehicles, Tesla successfully focused on its energy business (solar panels, battery storage) and expanded into new markets, such as China.

Please note that business pivots can be subjective and dependent on various factors, so these are just a few examples of successful pivots in 2021.

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