Maniac Funding

Let’s first perceive what maniac
means. Based on Webster a maniac is “mad;
raging with insanity; raging with disordered
mind”. You do not know anybody like that, do

There’s a ebook that’s nonetheless in
print immediately that was initially revealed in
1841 with the title Extraordinary and In style
Delusions of Crowds by Charles Mackay. He
explains in somewhat horrific element how folks
had been caught up within the insanity of shopping for property
within the South Seas in 1720, the numismatic coin
craze of 1980 and the tulip bulb buying and selling in
1637. You surprise how folks may have been so
gullible to have purchased a single tulip bulb or
land they might by no means see for large quantities of
cash. May something like this ever occur
once more?

I used to be flooring dealer on the commodity
trade in 1973 when the Hunt brothers drove
silver from $2.00 per ounce to $54. That mania
lasted just a few months and rapidly tanked to $6.00.
I took half in that mania. I used to be one of many

When it was going down it appeared
just like the factor to do and only a few questioned the
sanity of these collaborating. In reality, should you
weren’t a part of the group there was one thing
flawed with you. When there’s a stampede it’s
finest to run with the herd or be trampled to
loss of life. Nonetheless, there have been just a few who weren’t

As we speak we’re collaborating in one in all
these manias solely now it’s referred to as a bubble and
nonetheless shouldn’t be being taken too severely. Sure, it
is the inventory market mania. Many are nonetheless
trapped within the insanity of the group of the
1990’s who imagine the “market at all times comes
again”. They’re clutching their tulip bulbs,
sorry, inventory certificates, and refuse to let go
of them as a result of they know their worth will develop
again to what it was 3 years in the past. Inventory homeowners
have change into mad with what – greed? concern? denial?

When one thing, nearly something,
drops 50% in value it is going to take a 100% enhance
in worth to get again to “even”. With immediately’s
financial and world circumstances that could possibly be a
very long time and perhaps not in our lifetime.

Years in the past I heard a narrative about how
they used to catch monkeys. A small gap simply
large enough for the monkey to slide his empty hand
inside could be drilled in a coconut and sweet
and fruit could be put in it. The coconut was
tied to a stake within the floor. When the monkey
grabbed a fistful of goodies he wouldn’t let go
even when the hunter got here for him. Greed holds
him in an invisible grip.

Many buyers immediately are like these
monkeys. They refuse to promote what’s remaining
of the shares and mutual funds they personal even
although they will clearly see the foremost pattern
continues down. They turned mad with greed and
now concern of loss entraps them.

Till this insanity is acknowledged
buyers will proceed to see their portfolios
change into smaller and smaller. They need to be taught to
let go.

Written 3/10/03 however nonetheless applies immediately.


James Harrison: James, a supply chain expert, shares industry trends, logistics solutions, and best practices in his insightful blog.


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