What is it about a pdf file that makes it so appropriate for utility? Is it the fact that they are generally “uneditable”? The fact that they are easily preserve information or the fact that they can be converted into other file format? All of the above ring true, and pdf files are easily useable because they are so versatile.

Pdf files can be combined into one document, and this feature come in useful in cases where files were erroneously ordered. When these files are combined, they can be reorder in the process too. Ways to merge pdf include online and offline.

How to combine pdf files online

Combining pdfs online is a relatively easy task. All it requires are easy steps that are almost fool-proof. These steps are as follows

  • Open a web browser and type in the search bar, a pdf merging For this example, PDF joiner can be used. This site is a free online site what allows one to join several pdf files into one
  • When the site load up, the first thing to do is to upload the pdf files that are up for merging. On this specific site, there is a button for uploading this file. Clicking o. This button would take one to the device’s file manager. From here, the specific file that contains the pdfs can be accessed and the pdf files can be selected from it
  • When the file location is opened, one can press CTRL on the device or any similar multiple file selection option, then click the multiple pdf files that one would like to combine. Note that there is a limit on the number of files allowed. Most online sites allow up to twenty files
  • There is an option that says “open”, click it and from there, the files would begin to start uploading to the site. To upload additional pdf files, one can click the Upload file button that was clicked on earlier again
  • Depending on the size and number of the files being uploaded, one would have to wait for some time, a few seconds to a few minutes
  • The files may not upload in the specific order one would like the pdf files to be arranged in, so the site offers the option of dragging the pdfs in the order one wants. This puts them in the order that is desired
  • When the order is in correct form, click the option that says join files. This option is available when the file becomes done with uploading. When the files finish combining, the pdf file created is downloaded to one’s files for downloaded items on the device

Combining pdfs offline

Combining pdfs offline is as seamless as combining pdf files online, only generally faster. This is because one does not need to upload the file to the internet and then download the created file after. Combining pdfs offline simply requires one to download or buy a pdf combiner, upload the files to the application, arrange them in the desired order, then access the combined file in the folder the application creates. Easy as pie.

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